Coin Master Pets - Hatch Eggs - Earn Food and XP | Full Guide

Coin Master Pets - Hatch Eggs - Earn Food and XP | Full Guide

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Coin Master Pets | Full Guide

Hello, spinners! Do you enjoy Coin Master, the fantastic casual game in which you can raid, assault, and spin your way to riches? If you do, you're surely aware that having a pet by your side can make your travel more enjoyable and gratifying. Pets are adorable and faithful companions who can improve your gameplay and help you reach your goals faster. But how do you go about getting pets and caring for them? 

In this blog post, I'll go over everything you need to know about Coin Master Pets. Let's get this started!

Pets are one of Coin Master's most significant features. They can give you different advantages, such as raising your coin profits, decreasing your opponent's attacks, or taking more coins from them. Coin Master has four different sorts of pets: Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. Each creature has a distinct ability and personality. You can get them by gathering and hatching eggs. You may also level up your pets by feeding them pet food and giving them pet XP.

The higher your pet's level, the more potent its ability. Depending on the situation and your strategy, you can switch between your pets. You can also use potions to activate numerous pets at the same time. Pets are necessary for becoming a Coin Master, so keep them happy and healthy at all times.

How Can I Hatch Eggs in Coin Master?

To hatch an egg, go to the pet menu and use the arrows on the sides of the screen to find the egg you want to hatch and tap on it. A progress bar will appear, indicating how much time remains until the egg hatches. You can speed up the process by using gems, the game's premium currency. You can also save 15 minutes by watching a video commercial. When the egg hatches, you will receive a random pet from the four options. You can hatch up to four eggs at once, but only one active pet at a time. You can keep extra pets in the pet storage, which is accessible from the pet menu. You can also exchange cash or pet XP for undesirable pets.

How Can I Purchase Pet Food and Pet XP in Coin Master?

Pet food and pet XP are the two most important resources for leveling up your pets. Pet food is used to feed and keep your pets active. Pet XP is used to raise your pet's level and improve its abilities. Both of these goods can be purchased from the in-game shop. This is accessed by going to the main screen and tapping on the coin bank in the upper left corner. Scroll to the bottom of the shop to find great prices on pet supplies. Pet food and XP can be purchased using cash or gems. The more you purchase, the more money you save. You can also obtain free pet food and XP by performing daily objectives, attending events, or joining the VIP club.

How Can I Earn Pet Food and Pet XP in Coin Master?

In addition to purchasing pet food and pet XP from the shop, you can earn them on a regular basis while playing the game. On rare occasions, you will obtain pet XP or pet food as extra rewards in addition to the coins or actions that you have previously won. Pet XP can also be obtained by completing card sets, which are collections of themed cards found in chests. XP can also be obtained as a reward for constructing structures or repairing village items that have been damaged by another player's attack.

You can also obtain pet food and pet XP by raiding and taking resources from other players' settlements. Foxy, the stealthy pet, can assist you in obtaining extra cash from raids. Tiger, the fearsome pet, can also be used to boost your coin payouts from attacks. You can also obtain pet food and XP by opening mystery chests, which are special chests containing random goodies. Mystery chests can be found by spinning or completing events.

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Wrapping it up

That concludes this blog post, gamers. I hope you gained some fresh and useful knowledge about Coin Master Pets. Always remember to take good care of your pets and to employ them strategically in order to dominate the game. Please share this post with your friends and leave a comment below if you enjoyed it. Also, don't forget to read my other Coin Master tips and techniques postings. Thank you for reading, and have fun spinning!

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