Revenge in Coin Master

One of the most exciting parts of the Coin Master game is the ability to exact revenge on the players who assaulted your village and stole your coins. In this article, I'll go over how to exact revenge in Coin Master, as well as some tips and methods for making the most of it.

How to Take Revenge in Coin Master?

Taking revenge in Coin Master is simple, but it requires some luck and strategy. Here are the steps to take revenge in Coin Master:

  1. Wait for an onslaught on your village. When someone attacks your village, you will receive a notification and can view the damage they have inflicted. By tapping the retribution button at the top of the screen, you may also see a list of recent assailants.
  2. Spin the wheel and hope for an opportunity to attack. You must spin the wheel and fall on the hammer symbol to gain an attack chance. Extra spins can also be used, which can be purchased with cash or gems or gained through events or presents.
  3. Select your target by tapping the revenge button. When you have an attack opportunity, you can hit the retribution button to display a list of the players who assaulted you. You can select any player from the list by tapping on the retribution button next to their name. Alternatively, you can select a random player from the list by tapping on the random button.
  4. Destroy their items and attack their village. When you select a target, you will be transported to their village, where you may view their items and level of protection. You can assault any item by touching on it, which will cause it to take damage. You can attack up to four times, or until the item is destroyed. You will also gain money after each attack, based on the item's value and the village's level.
  5. Take your revenge and receive your rewards. After you complete your attacks, you will receive a summary of your revenge, including how much damage you caused, how many coins you earned, and how many stars you got. Stars are used to advance your village's rank and unlock new things. By hitting on the revenge button at the top of the screen, you can also view your revenge history.

Tips and Tricks for Taking Revenge in Coin Master

Taking revenge in Coin Master can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be challenging and risky. Here are some tips and tricks to help you take revenge in Coin Master:

Use pets to help you get your revenge. Pets are companions who can assist you in a variety of ways, like raising your coin rewards, improving your attack power, and protecting your village. Pets can be used by feeding them pet food or pet treats received from chests, events, or by spinning the wheel. Coin Master has three pets: Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. 

Each pet has its own set of abilities and levels, which influence its effectiveness. Foxy can assist you in finding an extra coin stash in the adversary's village, Tiger can assist you in increasing your attack power, and Rhino can assist you in blocking an opposing attack. Switching between pets is as simple as touching on the pet symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen and picking the pet you want to employ.

Choose your target carefully. When you take revenge, you can select any player from the list of recent assailants, or you can let the game select a random player for you. But not all players are created equal, and some may be easier or more difficult to assault than others. When selecting a target, you need consider numerous criteria, including their village level, equipment, protection, and pets. 

In general, you should seek out players with a lower village level than you, valuable things that are not protected, and no pets that can stop your assaults. Players with a higher village level than you, inexpensive objects that are protected, and dogs that may block your attacks should be avoided. You can also view the player's profile by pressing on their name, where you can see their stats such as coins, spins, cards, and pets.

Be prepared for retaliation. When you exact revenge on someone, they will be notified, and they may attempt to exact revenge on you in return. As a result, you should be ready to retaliate and defend your village from their attacks. You may defend your village by employing shields to deflect enemy attacks. Shields can be obtained via spinning the wheel and landing on the shield symbol, or they can be purchased with cash or gems. 

You can have up to three shields active at once, each of which can block one attack. You can also use the Rhino pet, which has a chance to block an enemy attack based on its level. You can also improve the durability and value of your things by upgrading them.


In Coin Master, you can exact retribution on the players that assaulted your village and stole your coins. You can exact revenge by spinning the wheel and receiving an attack chance, then selecting your victim and attacking their village and destroying their items. You can even use dogs like Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino to help you get your revenge. 

You should, however, be wary of counter-revenge and guard your village with shields, Rhino, or by upgrading your goods. Taking revenge in Coin Master allows you to have more fun while earning more coins, stars, and incentives.

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